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Karen Fraser for Lt. Governor

Karen Fraser

To my wonderful supporters---

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation to you for your enthusiastic and helpful support of my campaign for Lieutenant Governor. I am truly honored by your confidence in my abilities and in my commitment to working for the best possible future for the people of the State of Washington.

Most of the ballots are now counted, and it’s clear I will not be one of the Top Two advancing to the General Election. I came in third in a field of 11 candidates. So near, and yet so far….. as the saying goes!

I greatly appreciate your assistance in enabling me to run a competitive campaign.

The campaign was really busy and, yes, I did enjoy it! It was energizing, inspiring, and certainly highly educational. I enjoyed traveling to so many parts of our beautiful state and engaging with such a wide variety of communities.
I especially appreciated the opportunities to strengthen and renew friendships and to form many new, wonderful friendships. Let us stay in touch!

I’m eager to continue to put to useful purpose all that I have learned---from this campaign, my past campaigns, and from my many public service roles: State Senator, State Representative, Thurston County Commissioner, President of the Washington State Association of Counties, Lacey Mayor and City Council Member, state level international relations participant, Adjunct Faculty at The Evergreen State College, state employee, and life-long active Washingtonian.

I deeply appreciate your sincere support. You made the campaign possible. Thank you !


P.S. If you come across any of our yard signs still on display, I’d greatly appreciate you taking them down. Let’s Keep Washington Beautiful !

Please contribute metal or wood stakes to another campaign. Regarding the plastic signs themselves, I am advised that they are recyclable, in many areas, but not all.  Please re-purpose to the extent possible, or otherwise dispose of them.

Hello – I’m Karen Fraser.

Presiding over the State Senate is the top duty of the Lt. Governor. This requires an evenhandedness  driven by fairness, ethics and civility. 

Being a senior member of the State Senate, I know the importance of having a Lt. Governor who guarantees full and fair discussion of issues and abides by our constitution, laws, and Senate rules.

That is my commitment to you: full and fair discussion of the issues facing Washington State in an environment of mutual respect and civility. 

The Lt. Governor has another duty: stepping-in if the governor is out of state or becomes unable to perform his/her duties.

I have served Washingtonians during the terms of several Washington Governors. As you navigate this website, you’ll see that I have been actively working on major challenges facing Washington State for many years. 

I understand these challenges. I understand their local and statewide impacts. I will bring this knowledge, experience and commitment to the job of being your Lt. Governor.

It's also important to have more women in statewide office.  There has not yet been a woman Lt. Governor.  Surprisingly, since 2000, there have been only three women in statewide office.  This is in spite of Washington State being a leader among states in advancing rights and opportunities for women.

I am a lifelong Washingtonian. I was born and raised Seattle, graduating from Roosevelt High School. I received two degrees from University of Washington, a BA and a Master of Public Administration. 

After graduation from the UW I moved to Olympia and became actively involved in community life.

This later led to my election as Mayor of Lacey, Thurston County Commissioner, State Representative, and I am now a senior member of the State Senate.

I love living in Washington -- with its many peoples, diverse communities, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities.

I have been active in hiking, mountain climbing, sailing, running--- and I have completed two marathons.  I love the beauty, wonder, and richness of our amazing state.

I will work for a great future that benefits everyone in our state.  I ask for your vote.

Karen Fraser